Page  C 148                           Handmade Walking Cane / Handmade Walking Stick " DRAPERY "by Boris Palatnik

                                              Custom made walking cane. Cast Sterling Silver or Alpaca  handle on rear wood shaft.

                                              Walking stick can be converted to the sword cane or folding walking cane.

                                              Decorative walking sticks / sword canes are a subject of canes collector interest.


Walking cane can be converted to the CUSTOM MADE CANE GUN


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The shaft is made from the finest quality exotic woods such as EBONY, IRONWOOD or ROSEWOOD.

Connection between a handle and a shaft is made as a type ( B ).      Anatomy of walking cane


Shaft's finish is mixture of the special oils and natural waxes as per ancient antique methods.

Fitted elegant rubber tip could be placed over the cast metal ferrule.


Shaft’s diameter: 7/8”

Standard length of walking cane ( 36” ) could be changed at customer’s request.

Also available with extra length shaft  ( HIKING STICK  /  HIKING STAFF ).  Hiking staff GALLERY


The handle is available in cast Sterling silver ( 7.5 oz ), German silver or Yellow Bronze.

The weight of Sterling silver is approximate.

Sterling or German silver is available with 24K Gold finish ( TWO TONE VERSION )    $ 85.00

The length of the handle: 4.2 "


# 148 AR  Handmade Walking cane / Walking stick DRAPERY ( Cast German Silver on the Rosewood shaft )    $ 398.00

# 148 AE  Handmade Walking cane / Walking stick DRAPERY ( Cast German Silver on the Ebony shaft )             $ 448.00


# 148 SR  Handmade Walking cane / Walking stick DRAPERY ( Cast Sterling Silver on the Rosewood shaft )     $ 736.00

# 148 SE  Handmade Walking cane / Walking stick DRAPERY ( Cast Sterling Silver on the Ebony shaft )              $ 786.00


Also available with removable blade.  Sword cane option


Conversion to the sword cane ( Self opening mechanism is included )   $ 85.00

length of the blade could be vary from 8" up to 16" at customer request.

       # 308 RB  8"  Removable blade       $ 35.00

       # 312 RB 12" Removable blade       $ 40.00

       # 316 RB 16" Removable blade       $ 45.00